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“Touchable Dreams”
Words and Music in the Key of Love
CD in 6-panel digipack

“Touchable Dreams”, taken from a line in a poem by Carol Ann Duffy, is an album based on the live show by violinist Steve Bingham and wordsmith Jeremy Harmer.

In the album Steve and Jeremy combine and contrast music and poetry on a theme of love, creating a unique experience where sometimes words follow music and echo its plangent harmonies. At other times music follows the words, transforming their individual power into raw emotion. And sometimes the words and music are intertwined in an almost physical interdependency.

With words by W H auden, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, ee cummings, Carol Ann Duffy, ted Hughes, Roger McGough, William Shakespeare and more, coupled with music by J S Bach, andrew Keeling, Astor Piazzolla, Eugene Ysaye and others.

Track Listing

1. Like a Touchable Dream…..Shakespeare / Duffy / trad [4:49] 2. The Sun Has Burst The Sky…..J Joseph [0:42] 3. How Do I Love Thee…..Browning / Pachelbel [5:19] 4. Your Sleeping Head…..Auden / Keeling [7:29] 5. Flint…..A Motion [0:18] 6. Absence…..E Jennings [0:56] 7. Sad Music…..R McGough [0:51] 8. Sarabanda in D minor…..J S Bach [4:04] 9. A Thunderstorn in Town…..T Hardy [0:33] 10. Sanza…..S bingham [2:15] 11. Unfortunate Coincidence…..D Parker [0:16] 12. Stolpersteine…..Dietsche [0:53] 13. It Might be Her…..J Harmer [1:12] 14. While My Guitar Gently Weeps…..G Harrison [6:38] 15. The Ark of the Ache of It…..C Bugan / J Sprackland / D Levertov / A Grieg / T Cunningham / W B Yeats / B Whelan [5:49] 16. Knocking and Pulling…..J Harmer / E Ysaye [2:21] 17. Row…..Duffy / Beckschäffer [03:04] 18. The Confession…..B Patten [0:47] 19. Love Is Hard To Stop…..F adcock / T Hughes / J Carter / S Bingham [3:55] 20. It May Not Always Be So…..e e cummings [0:58] 21. Being Real…..M Williams / C Corea [2:57] 21. A Blade of Grass…..B Patten [0:58] 22. The Stuff of Dreams…..Shakespeare / K Nystedt [4:45]