The Persistence of Vision

//The Persistence of Vision

The Persistence of Vision


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“The Persistence of Vision”
Steve Bingham
CD in 6-panel full colour digipack with 4-page leaflet OR limited edition double CD in 6-panel full colour digipack

In a bold move Steve Bingham juxtaposes a set of arrangements for multi-tracked violin of film music pieces by Michael Nyman with the incredible D minor Partita by J S Bach. Also included is an original piece – “You Cut The String” – written for Steve by composer Andrew Keeling.

There’s also a limited edition 2-CD set. The 2nd CD features three additional tracks of music by Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich and film music composer Bear McCreary.

Track Listing

1. You Cut The String…..Andrew Keeling [10:16]
2. Partita in D minor: I – Allemanda…..J S Bach [04:58]
3. Partita in D minor: II – Corrente…..J S Bach [03:10]
4. Partita in D minor: III – Sarabanda…..J S Bach [04:04]
5. Partita in D minor: IV – Giga…..J S Bach [04:19]
6. Partita in D minor: V – Ciaccona…..J S Bach [15:59]
7. Time Lapse…..Michael Nyman, arr. P Toms [04:01]
8. The Garden Is Becoming A Robe Room…..Michael Nyman, arr. P Toms [06:24]
9. Wheelbarrow Walk…..Michael Nyman, arr. P Toms [02:17]
10. Fish Beach…..Michael Nyman, arr. P Toms [03:04]
11. Knowing The Ropes…..Michael Nyman, arr. P Toms [06:23]

CD 2 (only on limited edition double CD version)

1. Violin Phase…..Steve Reich [16:50]
2. Spiegel Im Spiegel…..Arvo Pärt, arr. S Bingham [14:12]
3. Da Vinci’s Demons…..Bear McCreary, arr. P Toms [02:08]