Steve Bingham
CD in jewel case with 8-page booklet


Steve’s second solo album, released in 2009, features a variety of guest appearances, but retains his trademark eclectic mix of music.


The CD includes a selection of Bartók Violin Duos, a cover of ‘Scatterbrain‘ by Jeff Beck, Telemann’s Canonic Sonata no.1, ‘O Vos Omnes‘ by Pablo Casals, and a cover of ‘The Battle of Evermore‘ by Led Zeppelin, plus several original tracks.

Track Listing

1. Intro…..from a live concert by Improvizone 05:59
2. The Battle of Evermore…..Led Zeppelin, arr. S Bingham 05:52
3. Canonic Sonata no.1 – Vivace…..G P Telemann 01:44
4. Canonic Sonata no.1 – Adagio…..G P Telemann 01:47
5. Canonic Sonata no.1 – Allegro…..G P Telemann 01:53
6. O Vos Omnes…..Pablo Casals 03:40
7. Ascension…..S Bingham 03:50
8. Ronde and Saltarelle…..T Susato 01:41
9. New Year’s Greeting 2…..B Bartók 00:37
10. New Year’s Greeting 3…..B Bartók 00:49
11. New Year’s Greeting 4…..B Bartók 00:45
12. Trilogy…..Carter / Bingham 06:20
13. Scatterbrain…..Jeff Beck 05:25
Outro…..Improvizone 14:32