ESTA – mentor interviews

In order to help us to select applicants we feel will be most suited to this exciting and challenging work you are invited to draft a set of bullet points indicating the typical content of a session you may be leading.

Please choose ONE of the following topics to prepare:


Draft the bullet points for a webinar which focuses on the use/teaching of scales & studies; teacher/pupil relationships; starting a lesson.


Draft the bullet points for a webinar (1 of 2) which focuses on: understanding the concept of a

curriculum and syllabus; the place and function of tutors and methods; schemes of work.

For information – a webinar will typically take the format of a series of slides and a recorded

commentary – in other words something very similar to giving a talk to a group of teachers. It can be of any length but typically 20 – 30 minutes. Students on the ESTA course will watch this introductory

presentation at a time of their choosing and respond to the content by completing any tasks you

prescribe, for example, you may ask them to:

  • answer some questions in written format to be submitted electronically;
  • engage in an online written discussion;
  • write a paragraph about an aspect of the content;
  • do some research online;
  • research with their own students whom they teach or respond in another way

Remember that your mentor group may include colleagues from countries outside the UK with varying levels of experience as teachers and musicians and working in a variety of teaching contexts. You will, of course, have got to know more about them as teachers, as the course progresses, but for the purposes of this exercise assume that you have a group of 6-10 experienced teachers.