I would like to convey a massive Thank You to Universal Edition and JDCMF for the bursary to attend the Young Gritttleton Chamber Music course.
The course was really enjoyable with nice talented coaches helping everyone. It was my first time to have participated in the Chamber Music Course and I found it really fun and an eye opener, it has broadened my music horizon.
The routine in the camp has made me aware of self-discipline, waking up about 07:00 and then getting changed and ready before we headed for breakfast and practice in our Music Chamber groups and also the Orchestra practice until lunch break. Such a great enjoyable time I have had.
My counting skills weren’t great until I participated in the Chamber Music groups. So playing in a Chamber Music Camp has shown me the correct way to practise my counting skills and become a better violist and to encourage myself to practise with confidence.
The orchestra pieces were really hard at first but after a while of figuring it out I got the hang of it. Chamber Music to me is a way to work as a team with all the other people in the group to make the pieces lovely and harmonious.
I have learned a lot about how to play in quartets and I am really glad that I went to this camp. It really made me connect to my viola and inspire me with greater passion. I really loved harmonizing with all other instruments and meeting other talented musicians and I have learned so much that I would definitely go again.
Again, a massive Thank You to Universal Edition and JDCMF for the bursary that allowed me to have such a great experience opportunity.
Thomas (12)

Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund