I am so happy I have been awarded a JDCMF bursary and would like to give a BIG thank you to Hidersine for sponsoring me. I will now be able to attend the Young Grittleton Chamber Music Course in August. I am REALLY looking forward to it, THANK YOU! Pablo (aged 11)

And after:

On the 6th of August I went to the Young Grittleton Chamber Music Course: I was so excited that I got up very early that day even though it was a Sunday!  When I arrived at St Mary's School in Calne I was even more excited because the school just looked amazing.  We were shown to our rooms and we went straight on to a rehearsal and I thought straight away that it sounded really good.

The thing that I liked the most about Grittleton was all the music that we got to play, it just sounded so good, I was amazed by that.  I found chamber music to be very different from playing in an orchestra but I really liked it.  I liked being able to hear the different parts and although it was much more difficult than playing in an orchestra once you got counting like mad all the time inside your head and listening to the other players and being very brave it always worked well in the end.

Two days before the course ended we were put into small groups and I got chosen to play the first movement of Mozart quartet in C Major k. 157.  I played the 1st violin part and although it sounded good I was a little bit afraid.  But on the Friday we played in the concert and nobody got lost and it sounded quite good: I was so happy and relieved.

I think that in 6 days I have improved my sight reading so much that it is just amazing.  I also trust myself more when playing something for the first time and I think it is because of everything that I learned at the chamber music course.  The teachers were so good and all the music, even the difficult pieces, sounded very good and I liked that very much.

When I came back home and went for a lesson with my teacher he said that I had improved so much!  Thank you to JDCMF and Hidersine for allowing me to go to the Young Grittleton Chamber Music course, without your support I wouldn't have been able to go.


Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund