I am so looking forward to going to the Young Grittleton Chamber music course the week after next! I’ve heard so much about it from my friends - can’t wait to play chamber music with new people.
Thanks so much to Thomastik- Infeld and JDCMF for their support, I wouldn’t be able to go without it!
Mathilda (13)
And after:
Thanks to Thomistic-Infeld and JDCMF I went to the second week of Young Grittleton this year, it was my first time and I really loved it! I felt comfortable and very welcomed in. I learnt a lot about chamber music, how to work with others in a group to make a good ensemble and how to bring out or support the important lines, and I also made some great friends. For the first three days we were in three different groups each day, and I really loved that because you have the opportunity to make more friends and play different pieces instead of playing the same piece every day.
At the end of those three days you are put in a group and you work on one piece for the rest of the time. We worked on the first movement of the “Bird” quartet by Haydn and played it in the concert. I really appreciate the work that the tutors put in to make everything work out fine. So I would like to say thank you to Fiona, Mandy, Christopher and Brenda for all their hard work and inspiration during the course.  And of course I would like to say thank you to Beth and Katherine for looking after us throughout the whole course, and providing us with toasties.
I had an amazing time and I will definitely be coming back next year. Thanks again to Thomastik-Infeld and JDCMF for their support!
Mathilda (13)

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