Young Grittleton: Jenny aged 12

/Young Grittleton: Jenny aged 12

First of all, I would like to thank Hidersine and JDCMF again for giving me the opportunity to attend the Young Grittleton course, which I enjoyed very much and would love to go to again next year. I took part in learning the Michael Haydn Quintet in C  for the concert at the end of the week, which was extremely fun and a great experience.
Jenny (12)

And after:

I’m very grateful to Hidersine and JDCMF for helping me to go to the Young Grittleton course. During my week there, I learnt two orchestral pieces and a Quintet, which were performed at the end of the week. The Quintet I learnt was the Michael Haydn Quintet in C, which was a simple but interesting piece. The tutors there helped me improve my technique and playing with so many other string players in ensembles really helped improve my ability to play with other people in groups. In the first few days we played lots of other chamber music pieces before settling on just one for the concert. Sight reading so many pieces was challenging at times, but this was another skill that the course helped me improve upon. Everyone on the course was of a different ability, which made the course very interesting. On my first day there, I met all the tutors, who were really helpful and explained everything thoroughly to us. The faculty was amazing and all the teachers were happy to talk to you and help you solve problems. Many of the pieces that we played were like studies, which helped to sort out the fundamentals of my bowing. The concert at the end of the week was a great show of all the hard work we put into the pieces that we practised - Grittleton was an amazing experience and I would love to go again. Thank you Hidersine and JDCMF.
Jenny (12)

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