Pro Corda: Edward (aged 9)

/Pro Corda: Edward (aged 9)


Thanks to Hidersine and JDCMF this will be the third time I have stayed at Pro Corda and I'm looking forward to playing my instrument and getting better at playing. The teachers are amazing. I live in the countryside and don't have chances to play music with other people in between Pro Corda courses, though I may be joining a Junior String Group in Norfolk next term, so I’m really looking forward to meeting my friends there at the end of May.
Edward (aged 9)

And after:

Pro Corda was fun. There were always things to do and I feel that I’ve improved more in one week at Pro Corda then I could ever do in fourteen weeks at school.

Thank you so much to JDCMF and Hidersine for allowing me to go to Pro Corda.


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