Thank you to Universal Edition and JDCMF for enabling me to have such a great experience at the Oxford Chamber course. The bursary that you kindly gave me allowed me to learn so much and I have continued to practise what I have learned.
There were many things including: using sfortzando; widening my range of musical ability to play faster pieces fluidly and not to always rely solely on the time signature but to rely also on the conductor - which I found rather difficult but understand why this is useful. I have consolidated my knowledge of playing in a chamber group which consists of having to play quietly when not playing the tune and louder and more confidently when one is playing the tune. This involves a lot of listening to the others. In addition to this, I am now currently preparing for my grade 5 and this is because of my experience on the Chamber course. I feel much more confident and now I am practising everyday so that I pass my grade 5 with a merit!
Without the bursary I wouldn't have been able to go on the course and gain so much knowledge. I am very grateful for the help I was given.  Thank you!
Millie (13)