Thank you very much for awarding me a JDCMF bursary for the Oxford Chamber course! Thank you so much to Hindersine for sponsoring me. I cannot wait to get started!

And after:

Thank you so much to JDCMF and Hidersine for helping me to go on the Oxford Cello course. It has helped me a great deal, for example my timing has improved a lot and this has continued to help me in the local orchestra which I play in. I have learned second position for the first time and now I can play a wider range of music. I have kept my music folder from the course and I still play all the pieces as they are challenging and enjoyable.

My cello is in top notch condition as I carry on occasionally turning the pegs; I was taught this in one of many entertaining workshops. I found the chamber course a great place to make new friends. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming. The teachers were amazing! They were experts in their teaching. I am REALLY looking forward to going back next year! I have already planned to meet my friends there!

Thank you, JDCMF and Hidersine, for my bursary!!


Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund