National Strings: Kayla (aged 13)

/National Strings: Kayla (aged 13)


11 more days to go till National Strings, seems like forever. I can’t wait to get there. The place is old and amazing, I wonder what new friends I will meet, I wonder what music we will be playing. I’m getting excited thinking about it. I am so lucky to be going, thanks to my sponsors JDCMF and Thomastik-Infeld Vienna (who make my violin strings "Vision Solos" - highly recommended). Kayla (13)

And after:

It was great to be at National Strings again, It was even better this year. It was fun and they really helped me towards my grade 8 exam pieces, also some aural help and tips. Its amazing how much repertoire we all get through as a group. A big thank you to my sponsors JDCMF and Thomastik-Infeld Vienna whose generosity made it possible for me to go.


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