National Strings – Easter 2017


I would like to thank JDCMF and Hidersine for sponsoring me to attend the National Strings music course in April. I will be spending time with my violin teacher and my friends in Norfolk. We will play a lot chamber music and have concerts in the evening everyday. I am really excited about it and I cannot wait for the day to come!

And after:

I went to my violin teacher’s spring music course in Norfolk. I really enjoyed the course and I feel I’ve learnt quite a bit about playing chamber music.  My teacher asked me to play duet “Prelude by Shostakovich” with one of my friends.  During practice, I learnt that I have to keep in time with my partner and I need to keep my dynamics quiet or loud when necessary, no matter whether I am first violinist or second violinist. I also played the solo part of Vivaldi’s violin concerto in A minor. I was a bit scared in the beginning, but my teacher gave me a lot of encouragement before the performance and praised me after my performance, which made me feel more confidence.  I especially enjoyed playing “Suite of the Day – 5. Evening at the disco” as a first violinist, I am very proud to be sitting behind my teacher in the first violin section.  I enjoyed the piece so much and felt so glad when my teacher decided to have a slow version (so the younger students can follow us) and a fast version. I was a bit sad when my parents came to pick me up.

I would like to thank JDCMF and Hidersine again for sponsoring me to attend the National Strings music course. It's such a valuable experience for me and I think I am a better violinist because of the course.


Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund