I am very much looking forward to the National Strings Chamber course in a few weeks. Thank you to Hidersine and JDCMF, as I would not be able to take part on the course without this gratefully received bursary. I’m really happy to be playing the 4th movement of Mendelssohn's string Octet as one of my Chamber Music pieces, as it is one of my favourite pieces and have played 2 of the other movements as well. I’m excited to be seeing some new faces and the new venue in Cornwall.

Thank you again to Hidersine for their sponsorship to help me progress in my musical journey.

Kayla (14)
Thank you very much to Hidersine and JDCMF for the bursary that allowed me to go the National Strings course.
I had a fantastic time. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the Brahms Sextet, which is a very beautiful piece. As there were 6 players, it was very important to get bowings and timings together as a lot of the time you would be playing the same part or similar line as another member of the Sextet. This also requires lots of communication and eye contact so that you’re in sync with each other and have the same feeling too.
One of my favourite chamber works is the Mendelssohn Octet which I was very happy to be playing 1st violin in the 4th movement. Communication is vital in the Octet, especially the 4th movement as each bar goes by very quickly and is very easy to get lost or fall behind. I also got to learn the other parts very well as it makes it a lot easier to know when to come in. As I was leading the Octet, I needed to know how everyone’s part goes and how it corresponds to my own. Although the 1st violin part has most of the tune, it sometimes has a faster countermelody where the 2nd violin or cello have the tune. So I would have to play a bit quieter than the person playing the tune although the other members would have to play even softer.
In these ensembles, there were some more experienced players, which has given me much confidence and given me a better idea of what standard I am, and I think my standard has risen more than I had expected. Socially, everyone seemed to get on greatly, and I have met some amazing musicians over the few years I have done the courses. The tutors helped very much with my chamber music and shared many of their own ideas and techniques.
Thank you very much to Hidersine and JDCMF for sponsoring me as I wouldn’t be able to take part without it.
Kayla (14)

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