National Strings: February 2017

Thank you so much to JDCMF for the generous bursary which allowed me to attend my chamber music course with National Strings in February this year. I have always had a great love of chamber music. It was an exciting and inspiring opportunity to learn many aspects about chamber music.  The teachers were fantastic, and they spent lots of time in coaching me.

The course was intense but fun and I played and learned together with many of my musical friends. I am greatly inspired by amazing teachers at the course. During the course, I feel that have deepened my consciousness of phrasing, rhythm, and intonation.  I particularly enjoyed playing in a quartet for the piece ‘American’. Communication is vital in chamber music making.  Without a conductor, we have to learn how to work with each other and different instruments. Playing in a quartet, there is also more interpretive freedom among players - every player can lead.  The course provides me a sense of achievement and progression, and an understanding of playing together with lots of fun.   I really feel that I have gained a lot – thank you.

I am very grateful for the bursary. It helped immensely with my tuition fees, of which I would have not been able to participate otherwise. Again, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.


Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund