Thank you Jargar for funding me to go on the National Strings Chamber Music Course. I am looking forward to taking part in all the activities that will be on offer. I am hoping that being on this course will help me work better with others. I will also like to learn more challenging violin fingering positions and play like a professional. Daniel (11)


And after:

Thank you Jargar and JDCMF for sponsoring me to go on the National Strings Chamber course. I
learnt and experienced so much in the four days I was on the course. During the course I played as part of a quartet and performed a piece called pizz-a-tango. I also played as part of a quintet and we performed a piece called Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. I played a part in the chamber orchestra and played Evening At The Disco at the end of course concert. All of this improved my chamber music playing. This is because I am now able to play better as part of a group because I have learnt to listen to others and be mindful not to play too loud or play any other person's part.
I was also able to work on my solo pieces including a piece from George F Handel called Sonata in F major which I played in the end of course concert. I also worked on a piece called Chiquilin De Bachin by Astor Piazzolla.
The teachers on the course were brilliant. They taught me so many skills such as learning how to do the vibrato which has added a new flare to my style of playing. They also taught me how to tune my violin in the correct way. I have improved in my playing in general. Now I can count the beats in every note I play because when I play with others it helps me count correctly.
Doing so many lessons in one day undeniably paid off when I played my solo piece and chamber music in small groups at the concert because I didn’t make as many mistakes as when I arrived on the course.
Thank you very much again.
Daniel (10)

Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund