MusicWorks: Rose aged 17

I would like to give sincere thanks to PartPlay and JDCMF for granting me this bursary.  This will be my third year attending MusicWorks which has become such an important part of my musical year.  I have learned so much about chamber music from some outstanding coaches and made some lifelong friends who share my passion for music.  I feel unbelievably privileged to be able to participate in such a fantastic course which would not have been possible without this financial support.  Thank you once again for making MusicWorks possible for me. Rose (aged 17)

And after:

I would again like to express my intense gratitude to PartPlay and JDCMF for awarding me this bursary which allowed me to attend MusicWorks this year.  The course was yet again fantastic and enabled me to learn so much about chamber music.  The coaching was exceptional and the patience, humour and experience of the tutors allowed everyone on the course to grow as
musicians.  Their passion for the music was hugely inspiring and motivates me to strive to improve the quality of every performance I give and, more importantly, to love and cherish every moment of playing with others.This year I played quartets by Faure, Smetana and the Beethoven Op 18 No 5 where I played respectively viola, second violin and first violin.  I found the Faure the most rewarding to play as the harmonic and melodic vocabulary of this French composer was completely unfamiliar to me.  At first, I found the amount of dissonance and chromaticism quite difficult to understand but with patience the melodic lines began to emerge and the beautiful chromaticism of the harmonies began to make a lot more sense.  I suddenly appreciated how skilled Faure was in achieving such a range of colours and maximising the expressiveness of his music.  I loved the way that every instrument had both harmonic and melodic importance as the melody was woven skilfully through the textures, passing between each instrument in turn unlike the typical classical quartet.  This was just one of the many experiences which stand out for me this year and my huge thanks to PartPlay and JDCMF for making it all possible.
Rose Pian (17)



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