Thanks to JDCMF and Thomastik-Infeld Vienna I was able to attend the MusicWorks extremely useful and fun course. You play in 3 chamber groups, possibly trying new instruments like the viola! The coaching is top notch with high flying professional chamber musicians who listen closely and have excellent advice and feedback from their years of experience. You get to know a movement very well through the week and this reveals far more to the performer and ideally to the listener than just the right notes. for example,

I discovered that close study of the harmony of a piece can really help work out what the phrase is and where it goes, giving a totally new perspective on a section. I was also helped by the amount of sight reading we did, as my sight reading before was not very good, but by the end, was much improved. This also helped me to become a more rounded chamber musician as we got through so much repertoire in a week, giving me the chance to play first, second and viola.

MusicWorks also give players the chance to play in groups of varying sizes, which require totally different skill sets. For example, when I played in a string trio, most of my time was spent thinking about how important my part was at a given moment, because in such a small ensemble, that would change very often. However, when playing in a quintet, due to the doubling of notes in the chord, the emphasis was much more on who is playing the same note as me, so I can try and be exactly in tune with them. Overall,

MusicWorks consistently provides excellent chamber music coaching in a very fun and friendly environment where everybody is friends by the end of the first day with no competition.

Many thanks.


Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund