I am massively looking forward to going to MusicWorks this summer in order to spend a week playing chamber music. Many thanks to Hidersine and JDCMF, without whom I would not have been able to take part.

Jeremy (15)

And after:In the last week of August, 30 of us gathered in Talbot Heath School, near Bournemouth, for the second MusicWorks course of 2018. I had attended the course 2 years ago, and it was a really pleasant surprise to encounter many familiar faces that I recognised from back then. Each person was placed in around 3 chamber groups; for me, that was Smetana String Quartet No.1 ‘From My Life’, Dvorak Sextet in A, and Beethoven String Quartet Op.18 No.5. I really liked the fact that there was such a variety chamber music, from the flowing melodies and rich harmonies of Dvorak to the jagged and unstable sonority of Smetana. One opportunity that I particularly appreciated was playing viola in the Beethoven - something that, as a violinist, I would not normally do. However, I found it utterly fascinating to experience chamber music from a lower part because it put an entirely new perspective on the harmonies. The tutors, as well, managed to make the rehearsals truly exciting and interactive; I had two groups with Agnes Sulem, and one with Daniel Cubero. Both of them had entirely different teaching methods, but it was refreshing to have such a contrast, as it allowed me to gain the best from both. For example, Agnes really instilled in us that being in tune with each other was of utmost importance to create a unified sound, and Daniel eked profound emotion out of every note. Unlike many music courses, at MusicWorks the music never stops when the rehearsals stop. Many evenings were spent sight-reading anything from Haydn to Hugo Max, with anyone, often until midnight. Later in the week, the evenings were taken up with house concerts, where every group performed a movement from the piece they had been working on. It was exciting to watch everyone else play, and the informal, friendly atmosphere made performing really relaxing.
I would say that my highlight of the whole course was being able to play to the residents in a local care home. Being able to share music that I love with members of the public who really appreciate it was such a delight and honour.
Finally, I would like to thank Hidersine and the JDCMF for funding my place at MusicWorks; I had a thoroughly amazing time, and without this support I would not have been able to learn so much about chamber music or meet such an amicable group of people.
Jeremy (16)

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