I was thrilled to hear that JDCMF has awarded me a Hidersine sponsored bursary to attend the Intermediate Arpeggione course at Easter. I am waiting to hear which chamber group I will be in and what we will be playing.

Last year there was a really exciting arrangement of Danse Macabre -  I would love to play that one day! So many things to look forward to!

Thank you very much, Hidersine!


Intermediate Arpeggione (April 2018)


A big thank you to Hidersine and JDCMF for the generous bursary that allowed me to go to the intermediate Arpeggione course at Easter 2018. I had a great time! I was fourth viola in the Brahms quintet with some very good players, and I really enjoyed hearing their excellent intonation and learning to fit in and adjust. I led 'A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square', with a bigger ensemble, and learnt a lot about how leading an ensemble is different from playing one of the other parts. I liked the sound of so many violas playing the lush harmonies. I also loved the orchestra sessions, especially the lively 'The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' and 'I feel pretty', which was arranged by one of the students. Steve Tees arranged a fun jazz version of 'That's Alright', where we had to tap out rhythms with sticks during the concert and slide about on the fingerboard! I took part in a masterclass where I played a courante by Bach and worked on pulse and letting the music breathe. I also made some more new friends and tried a chicken tikka pie! I really enjoyed my third year at Arpeggione and I'm already looking forward to next year!


Francesca (aged 11)

Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund