Susannah Dalrymple ESTA SS Report 2018

With the generous support of the Nannie Jamieson Nutshell Fund, I was able to attend the 2018 Summer ESTA Conference at Chichester University for the third time and I found the week incredibly inspiring and exciting. I enjoyed networking with other teachers and it was wonderful to have time to focus on teaching in a very friendly and supportive environment.

For my particular teaching routine, the most memorable parts of the course were as follows: “Beginners are only beginners in the beginning” – a lovely quote from Louis Pantillon, an expert in pedagogy who inspired us every morning with his wonderful nuggets of teaching and visual images, such as the vibrato exercise which used the analogy of a arrow hitting a tree to describe the movement of the finger. My favourite nugget involved playing the violin while it rested on a table in order to really see how the bow moves in relation to the strings – this I shall definitely be trying at school next week!
Playing the String Quartet repertoire through with Liz Partridge gave me a unique insight into how this music could work with my secondary school string ensemble and I am looking forward to trying out.
Aleksey Igudesman taught us that we can actually dance and play the violin at the same time! Which he then demonstrated in the most virtuosic way in his recital on the last night – what in incredible talent.
All the concerts were amazing and a fantastic way to relax after an intensive day of learning - all in all and wonderful week, thank you,

Nannie Jamieson Nutshell Fund