I would like to thank the Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund (JDCMF) and sponsor John Nicholls for the bursary to take part in the Arpeggione Senior course.

The Arpeggione course has been a great opportunity to develop chamber, orchestral and solo playing skills. We have prepared two chamber pieces, several orchestral pieces arranged for viola orchestra and a viola concerto featuring a solo player accompanied by the orchestra.

In terms of chamber music, this course has really helped me develop as a musician. This is thanks to the fantastic musicians who coached our groups as well as the collaborative and friendly atmosphere that is typical of Arpeggione. Every day we were coached by Jacky Woods, Michael Posner and Stephen Tees, as well as one of the guest tutors, who this year were Jonathan Barritt, Martin Outram and Roger Chase. They each contributed in different ways and brought up different aspects of the music.

It was very interesting and eye opening to hear the opinions and thoughts of such experienced musicians and it meant that every day I was finding myself improving and discovering new things. Additionally, most comments made by our coaches could have been applied to other pieces of chamber music or even been linked to solo playing technique.

As a result, I have learnt a lot: in terms of my particular chamber piece, of chamber music in general and in terms of solo playing.

All I described, the amazing things I did, the opportunities I was given during the Arpeggione course would have not been possible without the help and support of JDCMF and Mr Nicholls. So, again: THANK YOU


Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund