I would like to thank Thomastik-Infeld Vienna and JDCMF for giving me the opportunity to take part in this year’s Senior Arpeggione course.

It has been a truly amazing experience as it allowed me to develop both my chamber music and solo playing skills. During the course, I was part of two different chamber groups, one of which I was leading. As a viola player I am used to being a “middle part”, however, when leading a chamber group, I found I had new responsibilities and roles to fulfil. This allowed me to explore different ways of communicating with others as well as developing my leadership skills.
Additionally, I believe I now have a deeper understanding of the roles of the other voices in a chamber group, which has made me a more aware musician.

In terms of my solo playing, I had the fantastic opportunity to perform the first movement of the viola concerto by Stamitz accompanied by a viola orchestra. This allowed me to work on vital aspects of performance, including sound projection, stage presence and confidence.
Furthermore, as part of Arpeggione I had the opportunity to assist and play in evening masterclasses as well as listening to recitals given by the visiting tutors.
Taking part in the Senior Arpeggione course allowed me to develop my musicianship and to strengthen my leadership and communication skills as well as making me a more versatile viola player.

Thank you again,
Elena (17)

Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund