Seven more days to the Arpeggione Intermediate Viola course, I'm extremely excited about my first ever residential course! However, I'm a bit nervous too about meeting new friends and teachers there. Luckily, my older brother will be there to help me whenever I need or comfort me if I'm feeling a bit homesick. He has also been assuring me that it'll be the best music course ever and I can't wait to be there and maybe meet the mysterious Purple Giant Bunny and her Easter eggs too!

I'm also really looking forward to picking up more viola techniques and skills from the teachers and older students on the course. Enormous thank you to JDCMF and Hidersine for their generous support on bringing the impossible to me! Without their help the Arpeggione would be unreachable for me!

And after:

I enjoyed the Arpeggione course tremendously! I wish I could stay there longer! There were so much fun and so much to learn!
It was my first residential course and away from home. On my first day I felt homesick, but the friendly teachers and children straight away made me feel at ease and welcoming!
Watching and playing in the Masterclasses, I learned so much new special tricks on playing the viola, it was super inspirational!
The Chamber music classes was very challenging where I benefited so much playing music with higher grade children. It boosted my confident and helped bringing out my feelings in music!
Without the help of JDCMF and sponsor Hidersine, this course would have been out of my reach! Huge thanks to you all!

Love Chloe

Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund