One more week to the Arpeggione Intermediate Viola course, hooray! I can't wait any longer to be there to see my teachers and friends again; and perhaps the mysterious Purple Giant Bunny too! It's the biggest highlight of the year for my music learning where I can pick up endless viola techniques and chamber music skills from the in house and visiting teachers as well as the older students. I was overjoyed to receive 5 pieces of Arpeggione music in the last 2 weeks, especially the Shostakovich Jazz Suite! I'm working very hard on all of them now.

HUGE thanks to JDCMF and Thomastik-Infeld Vienna for bringing the impossible to me! Without their generous support, the Arpeggione course would be unreachable for me!

And after:

I have had a wonderful time at Arpeggione! I particularly enjoyed the endless yet extremely fun chamber music classes.
My favourite piece in the course was the Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saƫns. The fast rhythms, dramatic dynamics and challenging fingerings really kept me entertained for the whole week.
The masterclass was extremely fruitful, I was taught how to achieve better grips on strings which helped me to shape my pieces even more.
I was also told a handy tip that I needed to play out even more when I was in the a viola chamber group since all violas make big sounds and my sound would be drowned by the others.
Besides, I also made lots of new friends!

Huge thanks to Thomastik-Infeld Vienna and JDCMF! Arpeggione was not only the highlight of my Easter but the whole year!

Alexander (aged 12)

Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund