Thanks to the OUP “Fiddle Time” bursary I was able to go to Arpeggione again this year, and it was
great! I was in the Brahms sextet, which I have always wanted to play since I heard my brother
play it a few years ago. I was the 3rd viola, which was great as it has lots of great solos,
including the opening theme of the piece. Quite often I was with 1st and 2nd violas, and
sometimes I played paired with 4th viola, in a musical conversation with the 1st and 2nd parts.
This was one of the best things about the piece, I think, and we really tried to bring out the
question and answer idea in the music. All the tutors wanted us to watch our partners as we
played and this made it feel much closer, and we got to know each other well this way. My
chamber group had really nice, talented people, and we had coaching from a different tutor
each day, so we got lots of different hints. We always enjoy the jazz with Steve Tees, and this
year was no exception. We played 'Take Five' by Dave Brubeck, and we all wore sunglasses,
though had difficulty reading the music in the concert, which was really funny! The food was
great, as it always is, and I got to spend time playing board games and table football with
friends in our free time. I already cannot wait for next year's Arpeggione - great music and great
fun! Thank you so much to Oxford University Press and to JDCMF for their support which
allowed me to take part.
Francesca (12)

Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund