Huge thanks to Thomastik-Infeld Vienna for the bursary that allowed me to go to the
Arpeggione Intermediate course. I enjoyed it tremendously! I wish I could stay there longer!
There were so much fun and so much to learn!
It was my third time attending this Arpeggione residential course, I felt myself at home again
with the friendly teachers and children!
Working on my Chamber A piece Dumka Sextet by Dvorak, I managed to improve my
communication skills, rhythm and intonations a lot! When Robert came to help us, he
showed us how to make pizzicato ring, it was stunning! He also helped me with my
dynamics and sound projections on my solo Concerto Prize piece.
My Chamber B piece You Do Something To Me had a wide range of notes and quite a lot of
challenging treble clefs. Over the week, the teachers patiently coached us bit by bit and we
eventually performed it confidently in the final concerts with style!
I loved the Ensembles too, it helped to improve my listening and playing skills a lot in a large
group with a wide range of different levels of players, it made me more aware of the people
around me.
Watching and playing in the Masterclass, I learned so much special tricks on playing the
viola, it was super inspirational and helped bringing out my feelings in music!
I also treasured the intensive performance opportunities the course had offered both at the
course and at London Free Church.
Last but not least, I loved the thrill competing at the Concerto Prize from memory. It was
nerve-racking to compete with much older children. It was a very unique experience and
boosted my confident a lot!
I already miss the Arpeggione teachers and friends so much and can't wait for the next
course in a year time!
However, without the Thomastik help, this course would have been out of my reach! Huge
thank you to you all!
Chloe (10)

Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund