This year’s Arpeggione was amazing!! I enjoyed every single bit of it thoroughly! I learned a lot
especially from our chamber music teachers. I also gained a lot of precious experiences from our
performance and master classes.
I was very happy to play my favourite viola chamber music pieces like Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto
no.6, Gardel’s Por Una Cabeza and a few more fun arrangements for viola like Beatles Medley and
Take 5 jazz piece where we learned different improvisation techniques like using the blues scale.
In Brandenburg Concerto we had to concentrate on the sound qualities as well as our
communication skills to show where phrases go and to help the parts to fit together better as both
of our parts had complicated rhythms that interweaved.
Leading the Por Una Cabeza was a fantastic experience and let me explore different skills like how to
bring in the others and how to make dynamics and characters more distinctive.
Both core teachers and visiting teachers helped me on my projection of sounds and performance
skills. They showed me how to make louder sounds in many different ways. Interestingly, I finally
realised different postures would make different sounds which really amazed me!
Our visiting teacher Matthew Jones demonstrated to us different stretches and exercises before a
long day of practice and tricks to remove aches after playing which were extremely helpful!
As a treat, the performances by the teachers was absolutely enjoyable and gave me a deeper insight
on the varieties of viola repertoire and professionalism.
I think this Arpeggione course has given me new chamber music interaction, leadership,
performance, technical and postural skills which would last me for life. But, none of these amazing
opportunities would be possible without the extraordinary support from John Nicholls and JDCMF.
Huge thank you to you all for your generosity and help!
Yours sincerely
Alexander (14)

Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund