Rose Kinley, Summer School 2018 report.

Thank you so much to the ESTA Nannie Jamieson Nutshell Fund Bursary sponsored by Pirastro for this wonderful experience. I shall never forget it and I know my pupils will benefit.

I was so privileged to be able to attend the ESTA Summer School 2018 and have come away with a wealth of information, inspiration and a recharged ambition to provide the best that I can for my pupils.
There was far too much to sufficiently capture everything I gained within the scope of this article, so I shall endeavour to list a few of the activities that had the most impact on me and that I will definitely take back to my teaching.
Group teaching basics (Helen Dromey) To emphasise with all my pupils aged 5 to 67) the importance of feeling the music, to walk the pulse and to experience the music in the body before transferring to the instrument.
To appreciate more fully the ‘cognitive biasʼ (Mike Cunningham) that my pupils may be experiencing, as do I. To gently and persistently nurture the qualities of a ‘goodʼ musician that the group brain-stormed; e.g. communication, technical ability and passionate involvement, and to move them away from the belief that ‘what others thinkʼ determines how good you are.
The pedagogy sessions (Louis Pantillon) delivered loads of useful ideas when working with beginners and above. I shall particularly use the right hand bow hold and balancing exercises with all my pupils and canʼt wait to try making Louisʼs pinky holder out of stiff tape!
To avoid injury in my pupils and myself I shall be using the hand exercises (Katherine Butler) and will always remember to tell my pupils to keep it gentle, never straining or forcing any muscle or joint.
I shall also be considering the Trinity Board for the first time for my pupils keen to take exams. It was really useful to ‘markʼ an example of a grade six violin candidate and I did rather well. The marking criteria is really helpful and I shall use it to support my teaching generally.
The daily Alexander Technique sessions (Rosamund Hoskins) were simply wonderful! I will remember to always find time to do nothing, and to encourage my pupils to do so too and to have much more awareness of their head, neck and shoulders.


Nannie Jamieson Nutshell Fund