Why Teaching with ESTA
CASE 1 You’re at home preparing for a really important presentation for work. You think you’re good to go when your dad walks into the room and asks you what it’s about. You start telling him about, but it has now turned into a full-fledged rehearsal for D-day. A couple of minutes into the presentation, he starts asking questions; some basic ones as he has no idea about your new product. You find yourself faltering Read More
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PG Certificate - ESTA
Following an intensive year of study, ESTA UK offers heartfelt congratulations to all the successful graduates of the ESTA Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching 2017. The proud holders of this new and exciting qualification are Yvonne Bryson, Victoria Clarke, Marie Dobing, Sharon Griffiths, Rachel Hall, Danielle Jones, Heather Lander, David Novalbos Muela, Richard Partridge, Julie Robinson, Sally Swift, Morag Young and Jessica Yuen. Here are what they have to say about their experiences on the Read More
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11 September


It is a rule of nature that the most beautiful things arise from the simplest processes. Snowflakes arise when water vapor comes into contact with a tiny speck of dust, forming an ice crystal. Flowers eventually bloom to attract pollinators and hence, reproduce. Auroras are just charged particles from the sun colliding with gas atoms in the earth’s atmosphere to emit light. Similarly, it is and will always be a wonder as to how merely Read More
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Why Music
“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” ― Jane Swan There aren’t many things in the world that can invoke feelings by just existing. But music can provide a powerful reflection of real life experiences and situations – from gut-wrenching fear to butterflies in the stomach to being weak at the knees. Once you think about it, no wedding, party or even funeral would be complete Read More
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