Kato Havas_ESTA

Kato Havas – A New Approach

Feb 27
On December 31st 2018, the string world received the sad news that Kato Havas had passed away. Kato was an inspiration to many generations of violinists, leaving behind a legacy of knowledge and wisdom with regards to string playing that can be handed down to future generations. But who was
Nannie Jamieson

The Red Hot Magnet’s legacy, still encouraging us to ‘Play better, teach better’

Feb 14
Nannie Jamieson and the Nutshell Fund It is probably safe to say that without the hard work and dedication of Nannie Jamieson, the UK branch of ESTA would not have been as successful as it now is. The foundations she created have proved excellent for future generations of ESTA UK
Paul Rolland

Paul Rolland

Feb 01
As a string teacher in the UK, I frequently have been exposed to workshops and training in ideas that stem from the work of Sheila Nelson, developed in 1976 after joining the Tower Hamlets String Teaching Project. So much of the string teaching literature currently in vogue in the UK
Outside the comfort zone

Outside the comfort zone

Dec 27
‘It is a grounding experience to place yourself in the shoes of your students, even if only for 25 minutes!’ Practising what you preach I am a firm believer in practising what you preach, and sometimes this can lead me into some potentially stressful situations. Within my work as a
Musical Nourishment

Musical Nourishment

Dec 20
What led us to teach in the first place? ‘Those that can’t, teach!’ How many times have you heard this said over the course of your career? To be honest, it is a saying that really annoys me. The reasons that I teach are many and varied, but at their